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Aloysius slayed canvas like the knights in shining armor of his childhood slayed dragons. He’d had these plastic men with their faux feathered helmets, plumes that should have danced in the wind of the sandbox, but were instead still, solid as the shields and swords each beared with unyielding courage. And they won every time […]

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Home. Where frustrations are familiar, the security of the well-known both comforting and restraining. A place littered with what’s been taken for granted. Intimacies disbanded, seconds grow into weeks of solitude and confinement of hands and thoughts. Restrained in the soft glow of old nights, it all feels distant, the routine dismissed as so often […]

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Rage shatters blessed vision, instinct unleashed. Feral emotion spreading as fire over a starved plain, and shards splinter as smoke in this burning moment, reason undone. Pleasures inhabit distant lands, seducing, laughing, flourishing in wet heat, breaths hitched and worry choked. So far from here where light cracks, breaking worship, murdering intention, efforts expiring with […]

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