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Carol and Bruce had said all they could say. The day was expiring the same way their words had; quietly, but with a kind of ferocious inevitability that spread like hungry fire across the cloud-bruised sky. Carol looked up often, noting to herself how the gray had exploded into rich orange above the sea, their […]

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She dips low, beauty ducking from view with flare and golden offerings, and the world sinks into the cold waters of shadow. All things fade from her light. Though she gifts everything life, it all recedes from her as rot and wilt. Were it only possible to keep her shine on failing skin and mind. […]

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A gang of candles, crowded by small diligent hands, dim, crowded luminance dancing across walls, shadows flirt with joining night. Day finds concentration’s curious folly; lids removed, wax scraped under tiny fingernails, brow furrowed and then a delicate wipe across denim as escape from a sticky hold. Dark crawls cold through cracked windows, the creep […]

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