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Ifs and whens, A community of hope Congregating at the alter of Togetherness And it’s not merely map miles Traversed Or circumstances Overcome, For those are tamed seas And beaten back wilds, And we are guided By explorer hearts; We won’t turn back Despite the threatening beauty Of ocean gales Under corpulent nimbus And the […]

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Cheap filth and the traded asphalt guilt of another daft claim, a swung loose spill of avarice masquerading as virtue. Deep lying. Somewhere there’s a phantom keeping track, long fingers pinching a piece of brittle bone and marking slates with each unkindness, those blistering infernos famished and taunted like starved dogs chained inches from a […]

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In the hunger of the land, where sun and soil mixed with water and great chemistry pervaded the answer to larger questions with a kind of indefatigable disdain for logic, he stood. Never one for vague pronouncements to the nature of things – the climbing trees and the scent of the verdant reach, the clawfoot […]

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