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Walk this world. Break days into eggshell hours and horsehair minutes, leaving the coarseness of seconds along like a breadcrumb trail back to youth. Whistle. Cloud guess. Build forts. Hide. Run so fast to nowhere with no one waiting; with no agenda demanding arrival and obligation just a word that sounds like a boardgame with […]

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Going wonder. Going. Growing. Gone. Grown. Joy lifted. Elevated. Pushed Heavenward. Debuted in the summer haze. Cured by the winter chill. The crawl into age and ownership. This world. An inheritance of debt and worry. How youth colors it. How it’s forgotten. The melody lost. What a tune. Such ear candy. Not lost. Shunned. Stored […]

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The belief in you is salvation for a soul left crooked by worry and fault. The twenty hour wakings leave heavy stones on hearts beating with ever more labor that you – somehow and someway – avoid the haunt of misery. It’s not all sadness. There are smiles and laughter poking through the blanket of […]

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