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DRAWN BACK, RELEASED Your slink and subtle arrogance, a bravado hiding beloved genius with gentle, genderless allure, you swung down from night’s God of War but were every inch Apollo. You basked in the surf of faraway lovers, dipping fingers in legend and serenading diaphanous morality, inviting imagination to meet heart. Ideas surrounded that crooked […]

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I want to dream of you I want to wake to you Thoughts won’t be enough But it’s all I’ve got A pocketful sleep To bring me nearer The hours blinking by As eyes close night away And these longing thoughts Of your perfect breath In my ear The sigh of your pleasure An echo […]

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Hell is loneliness for the abandoned. To finally have slept adjacent to another’s tender warmth and basked in the aura of together, what a lie. What a temporary fuck; blissed out senses in override like an old beat up sedan pressed too hard into fourth gear over the baked, naked heat of late Summer macadam. […]

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