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This is graceless, A heart made of ash Reduced by the fanned flames Of self hatred And the inferno of A loathed mirror. How can it not be mud When mixed In waters of forgiveness? Siphoned whoa, The guilty thirst for kindness As verdant leaves cup For early morning rain A gray sky delivering bounty […]

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Careful. Don’t press this day like a nail underfoot. Watch each step. The pain will relent once the weight shifts, left, on the other leg, away from the sun and its perilous truths that stitch across a bruising sky with short arcs; seams leaking longing. Be mindful. Bring full force down and pain will shred […]

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A hand on your throat Did you know it’s a note? To a melody shaking, No this isn’t a joke. Can you carry this, lover? Over shoulder, lost hope. An understanding, a lesson And learn how to cope? All reason’s stung, bleeding Into moments misspoke Into climates arranged And desires like smoke Disappearing in ether […]

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