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Open Streets (Carrer del Tiradors)

Come on all you ghosts. Lurk not in shadow, but sing wild requiem in an ethereal throat that echoes like moonlight off the weathered gray stone of Godhouses. Dreams wither and bloom in the clear dry of evening, reason expiates action, a deft caress, a tongue lash, a glimpse of softer flesh; the weight everlasting […]

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The church’s bells clanged in the winter air, a flock of sleeping pidgeons roused from their afternoon sleep by the toll of the hour. Rick looked toward the silhouettes of the departing flock and for a moment forgot all about Kathy and her temper. Those birds were free, small hearts rapidly thrumming in time with […]

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“Isn’t it just the damnedest thing?” he asked in a cracking voice gruff with tobacco and experience. “It’ll carry you, transport you from here to another place and from there, another and another.” I nodded, hot sun playing at the corners of my eyes. He smiled crooked, lips curled somewhere in the middle of rumination. […]

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